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2022 Sowbug Roundup Fly Tying Awards

The 2022 Sowbug Roundup has come to a close and I can happily and humbly announce that I was the winner of two categories of the Fly Tying Contest. All the winners were presented with very nice plaques for the winning flies in each category. They were presented on Friday night at the Sowbug Roundup “Shindig”. Here are my awards:

2022 Sowbug Roundup Fly Tying Awards

There were some really amazing flies submitted, so I’m pretty astonished that my flies were among them. All the winning flies were mounted in a fantastic looking shadow box which was auctioned off at the Shindig. It went for $1600!. My flies are at the left end of the first row and second from the left in the second row.

2022 Sowbug Roundup Fly Tying Contest Winners

Here they are up-close and personal:

Salmon/Steelhead Category

thunder and lightning photo
Thunder and Lightning

Bass Category

braided blue damsel photo
Braided Blue Damselfly
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Classic Fly Tying Hats

printed hat ht cft logo white front

Hats with the Classic Fly Tying logo are now available!

Recently, I found a source for some pretty nice looking baseball-style hats and my first shipment arrived today. They are currently available only in White but I should have some Gray ones in soon. They obviously have my logo on the front which has been printed with a digital heat transfer process (I guess).

I’m also looking at hats with embroidered logos and in other colors but that’s for another day. UPDATE: I just couldn’t wait so I went ahead and designed an embroidered logo! As soon as my shipment arrives (due by Feb 23rd) , the embroidered hats will be available in White and Black, and the printed hats will be available in Gray in addition to White, which is available right now.

You can shop for a hat in my online store by clicking here.

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Been Away So Long …


Been away so long I hardly knew the place
Gee it’s good to be back home
Leave it ’til tomorrow to unpack my case
Honey disconnect the phone

… from verse two of “Back In The U.S.S.R.” by The Beatles

Yes, I’ve been away so long but it’s definitely good to be back home.

During my time away I made some improvements and changes to my website and my business. The website improvements are subtle but they are definitely worth it. I have a great new logo at the top of each page and a really cool new emblem that will show up on your browser tab and in your bookmarks if you link to one of my pages. Check them out …

The big change is that I’ve moved back to a northern state and changed day-jobs. And yes, it’s good to be back home and living where I did when I was young. Check out my Contact page for the exciting new location for Classic Fly Tying.