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Catching Up – Custom Fly Tying

2021 Award Winning Fly Collection

I’ve been away too long (again!) but now I’ll try to catch up.

Deep down in my website is a page called Custom Fly Tying but it is still under construction. I’m now in the process of constructing it. Some time ago, I met with some friends and showed them several of my Framed Fly Collections. They really liked several of the 5×7 frames and also the 8×10 but they just couldn’t decide which one to go with. After some pondering, we came up with the idea of a combination. I would take 3 flies from each of 6 collections and merge them into one large frame. And here is what I came up with:

2021 Award Winning Fly Collection
2021 Branson Award Winning Fly Collection

There are rows of nymphs, wet flies, lake flies, trout flies, bass flies, and even a row of realistic dry flies. The blue ribbon icons mark my three award winning flies from the 2021 Branson Fly Fishing Expo. Another custom feature is background image – a birthday cake. The sky is the limit!

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Been Away So Long …


Been away so long I hardly knew the place
Gee it’s good to be back home
Leave it ’til tomorrow to unpack my case
Honey disconnect the phone

… from verse two of “Back In The U.S.S.R.” by The Beatles

Yes, I’ve been away so long but it’s definitely good to be back home.

During my time away I made some improvements and changes to my website and my business. The website improvements are subtle but they are definitely worth it. I have a great new logo at the top of each page and a really cool new emblem that will show up on your browser tab and in your bookmarks if you link to one of my pages. Check them out …

The big change is that I’ve moved back to a northern state and changed day-jobs. And yes, it’s good to be back home and living where I did when I was young. Check out my Contact page for the exciting new location for Classic Fly Tying.