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Catching Up – Custom Fly Tying

2021 Award Winning Fly Collection

I’ve been away too long (again!) but now I’ll try to catch up.

Deep down in my website is a page called Custom Fly Tying but it is still under construction. I’m now in the process of constructing it. Some time ago, I met with some friends and showed them several of my Framed Fly Collections. They really liked several of the 5×7 frames and also the 8×10 but they just couldn’t decide which one to go with. After some pondering, we came up with the idea of a combination. I would take 3 flies from each of 6 collections and merge them into one large frame. And here is what I came up with:

2021 Award Winning Fly Collection
2021 Branson Award Winning Fly Collection

There are rows of nymphs, wet flies, lake flies, trout flies, bass flies, and even a row of realistic dry flies. The blue ribbon icons mark my three award winning flies from the 2021 Branson Fly Fishing Expo. Another custom feature is background image – a birthday cake. The sky is the limit!

5 thoughts on “Catching Up – Custom Fly Tying

  1. I cannot believe that you have started to follow our website. We’re primitive, crud and very rough around the edges. This site, clean, streamlined and elegant! I/we are not worthy of your attention but appreciate that you would consider even following us. As you’ve no doubt seen, I am not a writer, but feel that I need to report on things I witness when I’m in the area. I”m a member of SRS (Slate Run Sportsmen) for only 12 years of so, but feel like we need to make sure our area gets the attention is needs with regard to protecting it’s pristine nature. Thanks for following us. UB

    1. crude* .. I said we were crud* crude… right? lol UB

      1. I knew what you meant. Just keep on doin’ what yer doin’!

    2. Hey, it looks to me that you do what I do … hunt bugs, tie flies, and fish for trout. Those are certainly enough reasons for me to follow what you’re up to. I sure don’t see myself as any less primitive, crude, or rough around the edges. And your conservation efforts are way above what I’ve ever done!

      1. Those that understand the message… understand and are followers in their own way eh? Again, thanks for starting to ‘follow’ … ‘us’…. (SRS). UB

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