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Classic Trout Flies

Trout flies are generally divided into two main categories: dry flies and wet flies. The wet flies category also contains a subcategory called nymphs. To learn a little more about each category, click on one of the following buttons. I tend to focus on the classic patterns from days gone by but also throw in a few modern patterns as well.

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Fly tying is an art that’s been around for hundreds of years. It requires a little skill and some patience to become proficient but it’s not for everyone. I have developed this website to share my knowledge of fly patterns so you can see if it might be for you.

Click on the Fly Dressing button for an amazing description of how to tie a dry fly as written well over 100 years ago by the English pioneer Frederic M.Halford. You can also learn more about the materials I use for tying flies by clicking on the Fly Tying Cards button.

To highlight my classic flies, I make them available in framed fly collections. Depending on the frame size, there are either 8 or 18 flies in a collection. You can see a gallery of my collections by clicking on the “Framed Fly Gallery” button below.

If you would like a completely different fly collection, or perhaps a combination of flies from multiple collections mounted in one frame, then “Custom Fly Tying” is the place for you.

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