Fly Tying Cards

Fly tying cards are what we use to tie our favorite fly patterns. Each card has a color photo or drawing of the fly and a complete listing of the materials we use to tie each fly. Also included is a link for further information, credits to the fly origins, and any important notes.

Anatomy of a Fly Tying Card

For your convenience, you can scroll through each card set here. If you will like printed sets of cards sent to you, please click on the “Shop Fly Tying Cards” link at the top of page.

Wet Flies

Old Favorite Bass Fly Tying Cards

Old Favorite Lake Fly Tying Cards

Old Favorite Trout Fly Tying Cards

Dry Flies

Catskills Dry Fly Tying Cards

Halford Dry Fly Tying Cards

Realistic Dry Fly Tying Cards


Nymph Fly Tying Cards

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