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Realistic Dry Fly Collection Available

A new Framed Fly collection is now available!

This fly collection contains 8 drake (dragon) mayfly dry flies with wally wings. The term ‘drake’ is a Greek word for dragon and ‘wally wings’ is a fly tying technique for realistic-looking wings using a flank feather which was developed by Wally Lutz of Canada.

The following Realistic Dry Flies are included in this collection. You can find a detailed photo and description of each fly in the Realistic Dry Fly Collection on our Dry Flies page.

  • Brown Drake Mayfly
  • Golden Drake Mayfly
  • Gray Drake Mayfly
  • Green Drake Mayfly
  • Slate Drake Mayfly
  • Western Green Drake Mayfly
  • White Drake Mayfly
  • Yellow Drake Mayfly
5×7 Realistic Dry Fly Collection #1 (black)

You can shop for this collection in the Framed Flies (5×7) section of my online store!

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