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5x7 Old Favorite Bass Fly Watermark #1 (gold)

If you’re familiar with my website you will know that I post quite a bit of information on fly tying. However, another part of my website is an online store where I have flies that have been tied and mounted in a shadow boxes available for purchase. I have at least 8 different themed collections of flies in a couple of different frame sizes.

I’ve been tying them for a little while now and have finally come to my senses and began updating the watermarks that appear on the background of the framed flies. Initially, I just had some fancy feathers in the backgrounds, and they looked okay, but my daughter demanded that I do something better.

Here are the first few watermarks I have updated. These are the 5×7’s. The one on the left is pretty obvious – two bass. The one on the right is an old picture of Ray Bergman tying a fly. If you can read the fine print, the flies in this collection are from his 1938 book titled Trout. It seemed fitting to me.

Here is one of the 8×10’s. Two rainbow trout.

8x10 Old Favorite Trout Fly Watermark #1 (gold)
8×10 Old Favorite Trout Fly Watermark #1 (gold)

All things considered, they look pretty nice when covered with the flies.