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Halford Fly Tying Cards Available

Halford Dry Fly Tying Cards (cover)

A new set of Fly Tying Cards is now available!

This set contains 8 selected Halford Dry flies. These patterns are from Frederic M. Halford’s 1886 book “Floating Flies and How To Dress Them”. The fly tying cards included are as follows:

  • No. 10. #1 Whitchurch
  • No. 11. Flight’s Fancy
  • No. 18. Blue Quill
  • No. 24. Saltoun
  • No. 36. Blue-Winged Olive
  • No. 63. Alder
  • No. 66. Red Ant
  • No. 75. Dark Sedge
Cover page of Halford Dry Fly Tying Cards

The set of fly tying cards are (a) viewable at the bottom of my Fly Tying Cards webpage, or (b) available in printed form (for a small fee) under the Fly Tying Cards (Printed) product in my online store.

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