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Fly Tying Cards – Halford Dry Flies

A new set of Fly Tying Cards is now available!

This set contains 8 selected Halford Dry flies. These patterns are from Frederic M. Halford’s 1886 book “Floating Flies and How To Dress Them”. The fly tying cards included are as follows:

  • No. 10. #1 Whitchurch
  • No. 11. Flight’s Fancy
  • No. 18. Blue Quill
  • No. 24. Saltoun
  • No. 36. Blue-Winged Olive
  • No. 63. Alder
  • No. 66. Red Ant
  • No. 75. Dark Sedge
Cover page of Halford Dry Fly Tying Cards
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