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Old Favorite Trout Fly Collection Available (8×10)

A new Framed Fly collection is now available!

This collection contains 18 trout flies from Mary Orvis Marbury’s 1892 book “Favorite Flies And Their Histories”. You can read more about Mary Orvis Marbury and her book in the References section on our Wet Flies page.

The following Old Favorite Trout Flies are included in this collection. You can find a detailed photo and description of each fly in the Old Favorite Trout Fly Collection on our Wet Flies page.

  • No. 93. Beauty
  • No. 105. Beaverkill
  • No. 106. Blue Bottle Fly
  • No. 118. Orange Coachman
  • No. 122. Cow Dung Fly
  • No. 125. Camlet Dun
  • No. 137. Gosling
  • No. 140. Greenwell’s Glory
  • No. 143. Grizzly King
  • No. 146. Royal Governor
  • No. 158. Iron Blue Dun
  • No. 174. March Brown
  • No. 179. Original Montreal
  • No. 192. Professor
  • No. 195. Queen of the Water
  • No. 225. Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear
  • No. 229. Wickham’s Fancy
  • No. 232. Deer Fly
8×10 Old Favorite Trout Fly Collection #1 (black)

You can shop for this collection in the Framed Flies (8×10) section of my online store!

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